R Series Bearing
R Series Bearing
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If you are going to import r series bearing in stock or you want to check the price with one China r series bearing manufacturer, supplier and factory, please feel free to contact Weinuo Machinery.

The design uses Conrad construction which is a type of non-separable deep-groove ball bearing, with symmetrical inner and outer raceways. Most notably, this constuction allows an axial thrust load in addition to radial loads.

Deep groove ball bearings are non-separable, comparatively rigid radial bearings; their balls are guided in deep radial running grooves. They are characterized by a high radial and axial load carrying capacity and can operate at very high speed. Combined loads are accommodated to an optimum degree. In fact, at higher speeds they are often better suited to transmit thrust loads than the ball thrust bearing. For these reasons and also economical price, it is the most widely used bearing.

1. Production area

HTH always supply bearings from Zhejiang / Jiangsu area , unless customer special requirement from other city/area . 

2. Quality

All bearing match the ISO technical condition, especially the bearing ring thickness will be strictly controlled , avoid too weak to endure heavy load.

3. Vibration and Noise

HTH bearing noise and vibration level from Z1 to Z3 , V1 to V3 as per buyer’s request . 

4. Chemical Composition of Materials

Chrome Steel:

SpecSymbolChemical  Composition (wt%)
JISSUJ20.95~1.100.15~0.350.50 MAX0.025 MAX0.025 MAX1.30~1.60-
ASTM/AISI/SAEE521000.98~1.100.15~0.350.25~0.450.025 MAX0.025 MAX1.30~1.60-
GBGCr150.95~1.050.15~0.350.20~0.400.027 MAX0.020 MAX1.30~1.65-

Stainless Steel

SpecSymbolChemical  Composition (wt%)
ASTM/AISI/SAE4200.15 MIN1.00 MAX1.00 MAX0.04 MAX0.03 MAX12.0~14.0-
GB2Cr130.16~0.251.00 MAX1.00 MAX0.03 MAX0.03 MAX12.0~14.0-

Careful selection of material is a factor when applications require bearings to provide superior hardness and anti-corrosion or heat-resistance. So we always choose standard materials.  

5. Order quantity

Order quantity is flexible,  even less than 50 pcs order quantity is accepted.

6. Delivery

Delivery is on time, HTH shanghai warehouse is well equipped for bearings testing and packing. Every shipment is under control. 

7. Package

Single packages /individual packages is available under the request of clients.

8. Laser Marking.

If you need any assistance in finding the proper bearing, please get in touch us and a member of our team member will work for you to fulfil your requirements as quickly as possible. E mail : tang@fycbearings.com

Part No.
dDBrs min(Approx.)HTH
3/89.5257/822.225 2/95.560.0160.40.011R6
1/212.71-1/828.575 1/46.350.0160.40.018R8
 5/815.8751-3/834.925 2/95.540.0310.80.037R10
 3/419.051-5/841.275 1/37.940.0310.80.047R12
 7/822.2251-7/847.625 3/89.530.0310.80.071R14
125.4250.8 3/89.530.0310.80.085R16
1-1/828.5752-1/853.975 3/89.530.0310.80.09R18
1-1/431.752-1/457.15 3/89.530.0310.80.095R20
1-3/834.9252-1/263.5 4/911.110.0310.80.106R22
1-1/238.12-5/866.675 4/911.110.0310.80.141R24