Miniature Ball Bearing
Miniature Ball Bearing
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If you are going to import miniature ball bearing in stock or you want to check the price with one China miniature ball bearing manufacturer, supplier and factory, please feel free to contact Weinuo Machinery.

A miniature ball bearing simply refers to the smallest size of ball bearings available. Measuring the outer diameter, this usually means an inch or smaller, or 20 millimeters or smaller when measuring metrically.

Miniature ball bearings, like all ball bearings, are designed to handle loads and reduce friction so that those loads are moved easily through the application. Loads handled by ball bearings can be radial, bearing loads perpendicular to axle, or thrust, bearing loads in an axial direction. Of course, since these ball bearings are small, they will be able to carry lighter loads, but you will be able to get more ball bearings into your application.

1. Production area

HTH always supply bearings from Zhejiang / Jiangsu area , unless customer special requirement from other city/area . 

2. Quality

All bearing match the ISO technical condition, especially the bearing ring thickness will be strictly controlled , avoid too weak to endure heavy load.

3. Vibration and Noise

The vibration and noise of bearing in four classes Z1, Z2, Z3 and Z4, it is measured by the instrument of SO901, for special requirement, it is measured by BVT-1 and classified as V1, V2, and V3. The date are shown tables, different vibration & noise requirement should be mentioned in order. 

4. Chemical Composition of Materials

Careful selection of material is a factor when applications require bearings to provide superior hardness and anti-corrosion or heat-resistance. So we always choose standard materials.  

5. Order quantity

Order quantity is flexible, even less than 50 pcs order quantity is accepted.

6. Delivery

Delivery is on time, HTH shanghai warehouse is well equipped for bearings testing and packing. Every shipment is under control. 

7. Package

Single packages /individual packages is available under the request of clients.

8. Laser Marking.

There are a great many applications for which miniature ball bearings are ideal. For example, stainless steel miniature ball bearings are perfect for handheld medical and dental equipment, tools which must be very small but also very precise and durable, as well as corrosion-resistant. Miniature ball bearings may also be found in clocks and watches, model cars, and many other useful applications.